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The WIBG Encyclopedia of Feminist Theories is an in-process, open-access, interdisciplinary resource with entries from students, scholars, and activists worldwide. As a tool for activists, the Encyclopedia explains concepts in feminist theory and identifies further readings to encourage reflection on grassroots work around global women's issues.

This publication is sponsored by Women in and Beyond the Global, a project organized by the George Washington University's Women's Studies Program and The Gelman Library. WIBG is an ever-expanding group of feminist scholars, librarians, and activists that aims to break down barriers between academic and activist knowledge by fueling activist scholarship; encouraging collective reflection on feminist movement-building; and documenting and preserving these activities through digital media—a critical tool in the global struggles for women’s equality and the promotion of democracy.

Get involved: To submit to this publication or participate in WIBG in other ways, please contact Dan Moshenberg, Chair of Women's Studies, at, or Cathy Eisenhower, Women's Studies Librarian, at

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