Neva Herrington

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Neva Herrington was born in New London, Connecticut. She graduated from Southern Methodist University with a BA and MA in English and taught there on a fellowship. She has published three collections of poems: Open Seasion (David Robert Brooks, 2015), a chapbook, Her BMW (Puding House Publications, 2007), and Blue Stone (Still Point Press, 1986), a Pushcart Foundation selection for "Writer's Choice," 1986. Her poetry has appeared in The Charitan Review, Confrontation, The Southern Review, and Southwest Review, among other journals, and in the anthologies Entering the Real World (Wavetree Press, 2012) and Anthology of Magazine Verse and Yearbook of American Poetry (Montior, 1984, 1985). She has also published short fiction. Retired from full-time teaching at Northern Virginia Community College, she lives in Alexandria, Virginia.

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