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Moshe Dor, born in Tel Aviv in 1932, is one of the most prominent poets in Israel. The author of 40 books of poetry, essays, interviews and children’s books; recipient of the Bialik Prize, Israel’s top literary award; and twice winner of Israel’s Prime Minister’s Award in Literature, he is former President of Israeli P.E.N., Counselor for Cultural Affairs in London, and Distinguished Writer in Residence at American University, Washington, DC.

As a young man, Dor joined the Haganah and later worked as a journalist, serving on the editorial board of Ma’ariv, a leading Israeli newspaper. Many of Dor’s poems can be found in Hebrew textbooks and studied by students of all ages.

His poems have been translated into some 30 languages, including Arabic and Chinese. His books in English translation included Crossing the River, Khamsin: Poems and Prose by a Native Israeli and Scorched by the Sun: Poems of Moshe Dor, translated from the Hebrew by Barbara Goldberg and the author (The Word Works, 2012).

He and Barbara Goldberg translated and edited four anthologies of contemporary Israeli Poetry, including the Witter Bynner Award-winning The Stones Remember (The Word Works), After the First Rain: Israeli Poems on War and Peace (Syracuse University Press) as well as The Fire Stays in Red: Poems by Ronny Someck (University of Wisconsin Press).

Dor is the lyricist of "Erev Shel Shoshanim" ("Evening of Roses"), one of Israel’s most beloved songs, performed worldwide as a wedding song.

Written by Barbara Goldberg

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