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<ol>[[Poets & the Page]]</ol>
<ol>[[Poets & the Page]]</ol>
<ol>[[Poets & the World]]</ol>
<ol>[[Poets & the World]]</ol>
<ol>[[Archival Collections held by George Washington University]]</ol>

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A Splendid Wake arose from a desire to honor the poets of the past decades who have left us, and to announce the creation of an online resource, A Splendid Wake, to help document and preserve the remarkable literary history of Washington poetry from 1900 through the present. Articles about the poets, movements, publications, readings, sponsoring institutions, recordings and broadcasts provide a picture of the diverse and unique life of poetry that evolved over more than a century in the Nation's Capitol.

We welcome everyone with an interest to submit articles to assist the community in capturing this history.

If you would like to submit an article please e-mail it to

Table of Contents

    Poets & the Page
    Poets & the World
    Archival Collections held by George Washington University

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