Joseph Auslander (1897-1965)

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Joseph Auslander (October 11,1897 - June 22, 1965) wrote four collections of poetry. He also taught English at Harvard while completing his graduate work there, taking a leave of absence to go to the Sorbonne in Paris on a Parker Fellowship. Auslander served as a lecturer in Poetry at Columbia from 1929-1937, after which he was the first Consultant in Poetry for the Library of Congress and the poetry editor for North American Review. Auslander co-authored two collections of poetry, one of which (The Unconquerables, 1941) is said to have had an effect on the war. He co-authored two novels, a history of poetry written for youth, and an anthology. He also translated some Italian and French poetry and was awarded the Robert Frost Prize for poetry.

info from Beltway Poetry Quarterly, “The Library and its Laureates: The Examples of Auslander, Williams, Dickey & Kumin,” Dan Vera, Volume 10:4, Fall 2009. DC Writers’ Homes:

written by Word Works intern Monica Root, September 2013

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