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While living in Washington, DC, Bob Haynes was a member of the poetry group, Lip Service, which published an annual journal, sponsored contests, and conducted poetry events in DC and the surrounding area, including poetry-friendly venues such as DC Space, the Writer’s Center, and the Arlington Center for the Arts, and several local restaurants, libraries, and art galleries. The Lip Service group included Jacklyn Potter, Sunil Freeman, Rueben Jackson, Janice Lynch-Shuster, Mary Ann Daly, and Mark Baechtel. Also during that time, he served as a member of the Folgers Poetry Committee for the Greater Washington, DC, Area, as well as assisted in judging the applications for readers at the Word Works, Inc., annual Joaquin Miller Cabin Poetry Series (Summer in the Park).

He is author of two collections of poems: The Next Scene in White Gloves and The Grand Unified Theory. Selections from his work have been featured on the VerseDaily poetry website, and he has been selected as a finalist in the Dorsey Prize, the Paulo Neurda Prize for Poetry (at Nimrod International), and the New Letters Award for Writers. His poems have been published widely in journals such as The Bellingham Review, New Letters, Lake Effect, Nimrod, Poetry Northwest, Cimarron Review, Louisville Review, Rattle, and elsewhere. Work has been reprinted in the anthologies Cabin Fever, Kansas City Out Loud, and Approaching Critical Mass, as well as in the poetry-writing textbook Important Words.

He is the former Division Director of NASA Ames Research Center's publishing, video, photography, and graphics department. As a writer for the Teacher-in-Space program, he has created educational science for students and educators, producing titles such as Spacesuit; How We Get Pictures from Space; Sentinels in the Sky; and Threshold of Space, and served as the Editorial Advisor for the Golden Book Space Machines (Western Publishing). Bob currently lives in Scottsdale, Arizona.

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