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Ally Acker received two MFAs from Columbia University in creative writing (mentored by Bob Hass) and film. These two interests both flourished and she has contributed much to both areas. Her first collection of poems, Surviving Desire, was awarded the Garden Street Press publication prize in 1994. She also received the Charles H. Jones Foundation Award and the Carl Sandburg Centennial Award. In 1999, Red Hen Press published her second collection of poetry, Waiting for the Beloved, and in 2010 her third collection, Some Help From the Dead.

While researching the history of film, she found that women held more power in Hollywood before 1920 than at any time after. For six years, she gathered original research on the subject and then wrote Reel Women: Pioneers of the Cinema (1997), as well as writing and directing ten films on it as well. The “Women Make Movies” festival in Washington, D.C showed one of her documentaries in 1990.

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