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Three Continents Press was founded by Donald Herdeck in 1973.

Donald Herdeck (1925-2005) wrote several books about world literature and a book about his time in foreign service, and also ran a small press in Washington, DC. He was a bazookaman and a machine gunner in World War II, then studied in Europe for three years using the G.I. Bill. He was a State Department diplomat for 10 years. Herdeck also taught at Georgetown University for 22 years, first in the English department, then at the School of Foreign Service. His press, Three Continents, published two Nobel-prize-winning authors, and published work from people in every continent except Antarctica. Herdeck was passionate about letting people from third-world countries have a chance to be heard, despite the fact that it was not exactly a financially secure business to be in. He believed that the best way to learn about another culture was to talk to its “ordinary” citizens rather than cultural experts. AND

Written by Word Works intern Monica Root, December 2013.

For more information on Donald Herdeck and Three Continents Press, here are two links: one to Herdeck's obituary and one to an interview Herdeck had with Gargoyle magazine:

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