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Silvana Straw is a poet, writer, and performer. Her solo performances have been commissioned by The Washington Performing Arts Society and Dance Place. She has performed in venues throughout the U.S. including: GALA Theater and Dance Place (Washington D.C.); Galleria de la Raza (San Francisco); louder-ARTS and The Nuyorican Poets Cafe (NY); Out North (Anchorage); and the ART Institute of Chicago. Her work has appeared in publications such as The Huffington Post, Gargoyle, Conversations Across Borders, and on the Library of Congress podcast of Poet and the Poem. She is a recipient of the Larry Neal Award for Poetry Slam Champion. A veteran of the D.C. poetry and performance scene, she has founded and produced countless literary/performing arts events and series over the past 30 years from the Kennedy Center to The Black Cat. In the 90s, she produced the first poetry slams and spoken word events at the Kennedy Center and Smithsonian and was an organizer for the Nuyorican & D.C. Poets Residency Project sponsored by WPAS. She has served as coach/mentor to many young artists including the D.C. Youth Slam Team.

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