Robert Sargent (1912-2006)

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Robert Sargent (1912-2006) wrote 12 books of poetry, including Aspects of a Southern Story (1983), which was published by The Word Works. After graduating from Mississippi State University with a degree in electrical engineering and doing graduate work at Bowdoin College and at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, he served in the Navy during WWII. He went on to work in the Defense Department at the Pentagon for several decades, and was awarded the Distinguished Civilian Service Award for his time there from the Secretary of the Navy. Sargent was also active in the Washington Writers’ Publishing House, The Word Works, the Folger Poetry Advisory Committee, and the Capitol Hill Poetry Group. In 1996, he was given the Poetry Committee’s Columbia Merit Award. He started writing poetry later in life, in his 50’s, and his work was published in many journals before being published in collections. It was also published in multiple anthologies such as Poetry magazine’s The Poetry Anthology. His poetry focused on life in southern America, Biblical themes, jazz and other art, love, and his family. He is said to have been one of those unique people who were comfortable in the world of the arts as well as in the world of science. Several of his poetry books were Now is Always the Miraculous Time (1977), Fish Galore (1989), and Lula and I (2004). AND AND DC Writers' Homes:

Written by Word Works intern Monica Root, December 2013.

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