Oswald Govan (1916-1988)

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Oswald Govan (1916-1988) was a poet and co-founder of the Howard Poets. He was a contributing editor for the Howard Poets magazine Dasein. Some of his poetry was published in the anthology Burning Spear, including his poems “Solution Granted,” The Lynching,” “Notes Toward a Confession,” and “Light Moon Slumber.” Govan’s poetry centered on racial issues, religious themes, and ordinary life. He made good use of soft details, descriptions of nature, and alarming phrases such as “white robed vultures.” He read his poetry at many various colleges and coffee shops. Govan went on to become a statistician; he is noted in Burning Spear as being a “philosopher-mathematician.” http://www.beltwaypoetry.com/poetry/poets/names/govan-oswald/ AND Burning Spear. With thanks to the Library of Congress.

Written by Monica Root December 2013

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