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Names of Macomb Street workshops participants over the years, a number of whom were Washington Writers’ Publishing House winners in poetry and/or fiction, and the others peripherally involved as several volunteered to read, edit and proof. Those many now deceased highlighted.

The bigger Tuesday poetry group, where I was nominally the instructor:

Elinor Castendyk Briefs, Maxine Combs, Lucia Dunham, Elizabeth Follin-Jones, Barbara Goldberg, Elaine Magarrell, Mariquita Mullan, Elizabeth Sullam, Margaret Weaver.

The peer group of Thursday fiction writers:

Maxine Combs, Mary Edsall, Elizabeth Follin-Jones, Elisavietta Ritchie.

We also hosted a monthly Monday pot luck evening workshop of various categories of creative writing: Hilary Tham, Maxine Combs, Faith Jackson, Judith McCombs, Jonathon Agronsky, Jim Murrin, Phil Kurata, Karen Green, occasionally Laura Brylawski-Miller, Terrance Mulligan, Elisabeth Stevens, and others. The out-of-towners often over-nighted in the Baby Room.

Judith's husband Ernest Benjamin and Maxine's husband Martin Bernstein sometimes sat in the living room reading over their plates. Clyde Farnsworth occasionally joined the table (not when something of mine was being read) and claims he will post his autobiography: The Dishwasher of Macomb Street.

Bonnie Naradzay, Carol Jennings, Dean Smith and Lewis Conn came to other six p.m. workshops and may have dropped in on an occasional Monday evening too.

Written by Elisavietta Ritchie August 2014

For more information, see Ritchie's essay in Beltway Poetry Quarterly, Fall 2014:

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