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Under publications, if this is to include past publications as well as current, it should include Bogg and Deanotations and why not “The Federal Poet”? There have also been many other reading series over the years. Your description below implies this is “20th Century”—not just current.

Here are just a few of the missed reading series, etc.:

Writers’ Center Open Readings (since at least 1982 and still going, though less frequent—and a spin-off series in Leesburg, some under Writers Center auspices, and some, probably not—readings run by Claudia Annis and sometimes Richard Moore).

There was another radio series (run by Charlie Potter under a pseudonym—something Atkinson?-- for several years—a station in Takoma Park.

Reston Community Center readings, run by Brad Strahan (Visions, Black Buzzard).

Art Barn series (same sponsor).

Dylan’s Café in Georgetown.

The Fifteen Minutes Club (poetry slams in the 80s).

The slams run after that in Georgetown—was it Café Muse? (An Internet café on M St.) Then in another venue when that café closed down.

Dee Snider’s reading series (can’t recall name—has “Hell” in it—“Life in Hell?”--still going, I think in the cellar of a restaurant—Adams-Morgan).

Readings at Busboys and Poets (at a couple branches),

Readings at the Reston Art Gallery in the 80s.

Readings at an Arlington café in the 90s—can’t recall the nam.

A Manassas bookstore ran a series of readings.

Politics and Prose ran readings.

The St. Elmo readings.

That place in Takoma Park—a restaurant.

Also the Takoma Park library series. [=TPDCPublic Library]

One or two reading series in bookstores in the Bowie, MD area and in a B&N in Arlington.

Those “Triangle Bldg” readings in Balston—but I suspect those are covered by some of the groups already on the list.

The poetry gatherings in Kensington at the apt. of Lily Berkowitz—went on monthly or more for about 20 years I think (80s, 90s—originally a Mensa thing, then broadened) and after Lily gave up on it, continued for years more by Margaret Barlowe in Arlington until her death. When Lilly ran them, there were often 20 or more poets.

I see Lisa Ritchie is involved in this project, but no mention of her own poetry group. As I recall, around 1983, the New Room poets was begun by Hillary Tham along with some other poet’s she met at regular meetings of poets at Lisa Ritchie’s house, something that had gone on for years.

There was also the reading series begun at a Greek restaurant in DC by a poet who was an adjunct English instructor at GW—I think he now runs a bookstore somewhere in Eastern shore (something with Hawthorne or Melville or both in the name—can’t recall his name—Jamie Brown? I think he ran two reading series in DC. The Greek restaurant – Agora? Acropolis?

John Trumbo ran a workshop for years in or near Takoma Park or College Park.

Maritza Rivera ran the Mariposa readings in College Park. Etc.

“The Federal Poets” had its own reading series for about 20 years, and the current Kensington readings began as an offshoot of that or continuation of it, then broadened its scope.

In the 80s, the regularly-meeting poets group at GW (student union), moderated by Dave McAleavy.

For most of the 80s, the monthly poetry group at the Gaithersburg library. (Can’t recall now the name of the organizer.)

The Jewish Community Center in DC (16th St. NW) used to have readings—maybe still does.

I see no mention of the group run by Rod Smith and their publication (is it ARIEL?). “LANGUAGE” poetry. Or is it “L*A*N*G*U*A*G*E Poetry. Seems to me it may have begun as “Aeriel” or “Aerial” and then become “Ariel”—or vice versa. Rod Smith and Wayne something.

Then there’s that group of poets who’ve been meeting for maybe 20-25 years regularly in Fairfax—POETS ANONYMOUS, meets or used to meet at a barbecue joint in Fairfax City (Red, Hot and Blue?), is or was run by Sam (can’t recall last name, Black guy who always wore a cowboy hat.

I ran one of these (Reston Art Gallery readings) for several years. I helped begin some of them (was the first featured reader at, among others, Mariposa, St. Elmo’s, Charlie Potter’s radio show, an Arlington café series and, with Miles, Iota).

For about 15 years there was an active group called “The Northern Virginia Poets” with members from Arlington, Falls Church, Reston, Sterling, etc., monthly meetings.

There was a poetry work shop for 5 or more years (late 80s and early 90s) at the Reston Regional Library—met at least monthly.

I ran a poetry workshop for a few years (late 90s) at the Reston Barnes and Noble.

The late Jefferson Bates ran a poetry press in Reston for several years in the 90s—he was a Writers’ Center Board Member. It was called Pogment Press (wife’s nickname—Poggy). He published one of my books, one of his own and books of poems by a few others.

Jim Henley, Suneil Freeman and [Dan Fleming?] had a poetry group called “Men Without Drums,” active in DC area for a few years—90s? Did a bunch of readings.

Black Poets are mentioned, but there were some specific groups—seems to me Marlin Johnson could tell you about them. One of them had “Rooster” in the name. I think it included Marlin and J.D. Renegade.

Ron Baker’s press and publication—very active for several years. (Argonne House Press, Word Wrights magazine.)

The reading series at DC Space back in the 80s, I think, or maybe early 90s.

You have Gargoyle on the list, but weren’t there also reading series organized at 2nd Story Books by Rick Peabody? (I’m not sure of this.)

My own publication, Deanotations, went out for 110 issues, from August, 1984 through June, 2004. After I shut it down, I ran my own “Poem a Day”—an emailed short poem to about 2000 people every day for about 4 years. It might deserve a place here. At the time FaceBook, Twitter, etc., were not so prevalent, and an audience of a couple thousand was considered significant. As for Deanotations, for a time I had more paid subscribers than most of the little poetry mags listed in Poets Market, including four university collections.

List generated by Dean Blehert and Judy McCombs October 2013

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