Lewis Grandison Alexander (1900-1945)

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Lewis Grandison Alexander (July 4, 1900-1945) was a poet, actor, play director, and costume designer. His poetry was published in several magazines, such as Messenger and Opportunity, as well as an issue of the poetry journal Palms. Alexander served as honorary editor for the “Negro Number” of the University of North Carolina’s literary magazine Carolina Magazine. He also contributed poetry to the one issue of Fire!!, a quarterly magazine for the younger black artists of the Harlem Renaissance. His poem “Enchantment” was included in Alain Locke’s anthology The New Negro, and his poem “Effigy” was included in Charles S. Johnson’s Ebony and Topaz: A Collectanea. “Negro Woman” is likely the most anthologized poem Alexander wrote. He is known for his interest in Japanese forms of poetry, particularly the haiku. His poetry uses powerful imagery, often from nature, to draw out deep human emotion.

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written by Word Works intern Monica Root, September 2013, edited by Kim Roberts, December 2013

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