Jay Fowler, Jr. (1951-1999)

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Jay Fowler, Jr. (1951-1999) wrote 17 books of poetry. While attending George Mason University, he was editor of The George Mason Review. He also won the American Poetry Association’s Grand Prize and two other awards in their Winter 1987 National Poetry Competition, and his poetry has been published in magazines such as The American Poetry Review, America, and Anthology of Magazine Verse. Some of his books include Psalmbook for the White Butterfly (1985), Writing Down the Light (1987), and The Longing for Paradise (1994). Fowler was born with spina bifida and had been treated for degenerative arthritis, enduring at least 16 major operations in his life and being bedridden the last eight years of his life. His poetry is said to transcend worlds, drawing on mystic themes. *info from http://www.sbstl.com/famous.htm#fowler AND http://sca.gmu.edu/finding_aids/fowler.html AND http://mason.gmu.edu/~lathbury/catalog.html

Written by Word Works intern Monica Root October 2013

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