Jacklyn Potter (1943-2006)

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Jacklyn Potter (1943-2006) wrote poetry that was published in various journals as well as in the Washington Writers' Publishing House anthology ''Hungry As We Are''. She taught English as a Second Language and directed the Word Works Joaquin Miller Cabin Poetry Series from 1984 until her death. She also co-edited the Word Works anthology ''Cabin Fever'' and was known to be hospitable to opening up her house for gatherings after the Miller Cabin poetry readings. Today, The Word Works holds a poetry competition for high school students, which is named after her: the Jacklyn Potter Young Poets Competition. The winners of this competition are some of the participants in the Miller Cabin readings. She wrote confessional style poetry that was elegant in a simple, meaningful way. http://dcwriters.poetrymutual.org/pages/potter.html AND http://authormark.com/artman2/publish/Innisfree_25JACKLYN_POTTER.shtml

Written by Word Works intern Monica Root, December 2013.

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