Ernest Kroll (1913-1995)

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Ernest Kroll (1913 – 1995) is the author of Cape Horn and Other Poems (E.P. Dutton & Co, Inc. 1952), The Pauses of the Eye (E.P. Dutton & Co, Inc., 1955), Fifty Fraxioms, Verbum Sat Sapienti (Abattoir Editions, The University of Nebraska at Omaha, 1973), 15 Fraxions (Doe Press, 1977), Tattoo Parlor & Other Fraxioms (Press at Colorado College, 1982), and Six Letters to an Apprentice (Thaumatrope Press, University of California, Riverside 1994). He was born and raised in Manhattan, served in the US Navy, then settled in DC where he worked for the State Department. An excerpt of his poem "Washington, D.C." is engraved in Freedom Plaza in downtown DC.

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