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Elisavietta Ritchie’s most recent of over 18 books and chapbooks are: Babushka's Beads: A Geography of Genes (Poets' Choice Publishing); Guy Wires (Poets-Choice Publishing); e-book of In Haste I Write You This Note: Stories & Half-Stories, (Washington Writers' Publishing House); Tiger Upstairs on Connecticut Avenue (Cherry Grove, 2013), Feathers, Or, Love on the Wing (Sheldon Studios, 2013); From the Artist’s Deathbed (WinterHawk Press, 2012); Cormorant Beyond the Compost (Cherry Grove, 2011); Awaiting Permission to Land, (Cherry Grove); Real Toads (Black Buzzard Press, 2008). She served as President of Washington Writers’ Publishing House from 1983 to 1986, and president of their fiction division from 2000 to 2010; she is currently a fiction editor. Ritchie founded Wineberry Press, edited the anthologies The Dolphin’s Arc: Endangered Creatures of the Sea (SCOP Publications, 1989); and Finding the Name (Signal Books, 1983). Always a full-time writer, she also freelances as a photojournalist, editor and translator, and leads workshops, including “Re-Write Your Life: Creative Writing and Memoir,” at the Calvert Library.

Beltway Poetry Quarterly: http://www.beltwaypoetry.com/poetry/poets/names/ritchie-elisavietta/

Submitted by Kim Roberts, January 2014

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