Donald Britton (1951-1994)

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Donald Britton (February 16, 1951 - March 27,1994) was the author of one volume of poetry, Italy.His writing is often abstract and discusses the mind in its various states.

Born in Texas, Britton moved to DC in 1975 to attend the PhD program in Literary Studies at American University. He wrote his dissertation on Hart Crane, and got his degree in 1979, remaining here until 1980. He later moved to New York and Los Angeles, working in advertising. In New York, he associated with a group of poets who included Dennis Cooper, Brad Gooch, Joe Brainard, and Tim Dlugos.

Britton died of complications from AIDS in 1994. In 2016, his posthumous book, In the Empire of the Air: The Poems of Donald Britton, edited by Philip Clark and Reginald Shepherd, was published by Nightboat Books. AND DC Writers’ Homes:

written by Word Works intern Monica Root, September 2013; edited by Kim Roberts, January 2016.

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