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Donald Berger was born in Queens and grew up in NY and MA, attended the University of Massachusetts and the University of Washington in Seattle, and lived four years in Germany, where he was a Fulbright Fellow. Berger has taught writing and literature at the University of Maryland and Montgomery College, and currently teaches at Johns Hopkins University. Quality Hill, a collection of poems, was published by Lost Roads Publishers (1993), The Cream-Filled Muse (Fledermaus Press) and in March 2014 a bilingual collection, The Long Time, will appear from Wallstein Verlag in Goettingen, Germany. His poems and prose have also appeared in Beltway Poetry Quarterly, The New Republic, Tri-Quarterly, The Iowa Review, Conjunctions, The Colorado Review, Ironwood, Slate, The Massachusetts Review, and other magazines including from Berlin, Leipzig and Budapest.

More on this poet: Beltway Poetry Quarterly:

written by Kim Roberts, January 2015

Donald Berger: Publications

Book of 46 poems, bilingual edition published by Wallstein Verlag, Goettingen, Germany, 2015.

Book of 35 poems, Quality Hill, Lost Roads Publishers, Providence, RI, 1993

Chapbook of 8 poems, Or Purchase a Star, Berlin, Germany 2009

Chapbook of 15 poems, The Cream-Filled Muse, Fledermaus Press, Providence, RI, 1988

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