Deborah Edelman (1960-2011)

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Deborah Edelman (1960-2011) wrote poetry, many health-related articles, a book on geriatric sex, and a screenplay. She performed her poetry in New York, California, Hawaii, and Maryland. She served as Director of Programs and Strategic Initiatives at the Maryland Writers’ Association, and a few of her poems were published in a Maryland Writers’ Association anthology. She wrote for a medical publishing company in New York for two years and was Assistant Editor of Dermatology News, then editor of Orthopedic News. Edelman wrote for various mass-market publications and produced radio shows. From 1985-2000, she was a consultant to the National Academy of Sciences and National Council on Alcoholism. She was Head of Public Information at the Alcoholism Council of Greater New York, and her report “More Than Just Talk: How Radio Talk Shows Impact Public Health” won an award from the Broadcast Education Association in 2005. Edelman founded Public Health Media, Inc. She was a founding board member at Shalom Bayit, an organization dedicated to preventing domestic violence in Jewish communities, and served as an adjunct professor at George Washington University's School of Public Health. She is said to have had an adventurous and passionate spirit, which came through in all of her interests, including her poetry. *info from

Written by Word Works intern Monica Root October 2013

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