Cicely Angleton (1922-2011)

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Cicely Angleton (1922 - September 23, 2011) was a poet and history scholar. After her husband’s death in 1987, she published two collections of poetry, A Cave of Overwhelming (2005) and Selected Poems (2008), and contributed to the anthology Inventory, which discussed aging. She was interviewed for a Library of Congress podcast called The Poet and the Poem. She was also active in many programs at the Writer’s Center in Bethesda, serving as Honorary Board Member and participating in various writing workshops. Her poetry is said to have a dryly humorous hint. Angleton earned a doctorate in Medieval History from Catholic University, and raised three children with her husband, James Angleton, former CIA Director of Counterintelligence. info from AND AND DC Writers' Homes:

written by Word Works intern Monica Root, September 2013; edited by Kim Roberts January 2016

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