Charlotte Forten Grimke (1837-1914)

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Charlotte Forten Grimke(1837-1914) was born into the leading free African-American family of Philadelphia. She was an ardent abolitionist, occasionally giving public lectures on the subject as a young woman, and she taught freed slaves on St. Helena Island, South Carolina, for two years at the end of the Civil War. After that time, she settled in Washington, DC, where she worked for the US Treasury Department, until her marriage to the Reverend Francis James Grimké in 1878, at age 41. She hosted salons and parties that made their home a social and cultural center. Between 1855 and the late 1890s, she published 15 poems and approximately the same number of essays in African American periodicals. She also kept a diary which was published posthumously.

Submitted by Kim Roberts, March 2016

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