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Carlo Parcelli is a poet born in Washington DC on June 18, 1948. He spent decades studying High Modernist Poetics with the James Joyce, Ezra Pound, Charles Olson scholar, Dr. Rudd Fleming of the University of Maryland. Mr. Parcelli has authored dozens of long poems, essays, articles and translations. He has published 3 books of poetry. His first published volume was ‘Three Antiphonies’, Proteus Press, 1976. His second book was ‘Fernparallelismus’, Paycock Press, 1988. His latest publication is the ‘Gospel According to Simon Kananaios: A Meditation on Empire’ published by Country Valley Press in 2012. The volume, a parody of events around Passover/Easter Week is comprised of 88 dramatic monologues patterned after monologues by the Welsh/English poet David Jones. He is currently working on an epic poem, ‘Canus Ictus in Exilium’ (‘Dog Bite in Exile’), a satire about an exiled Roman cynic poet of the First Centuries BC/CE. Mr. Parcelli currently performs his Canaanite Gospel monologues to stunned audiences around the country.

Bio written by Carlo Parcelli and posted by Karren Alenier.

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