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The Capitol Hill Poetry Group was founded in 1975 by Jean Nordhaus and Shirley Cochrane and, as of this writing in 2014, has been meeting more or less weekly ever since to share and critique members’ work. The original few meetings were held in the basement of the Capitol Hill Presbyterian Church, but since then have rotated among members' homes. Longtime members include(d): Mary Ann Larkin, Patric Pepper, Robert Sargent, Edwin Zimmerman, Chris Llewellyn, Elizabeth Sullam, Russell Spicer, Hastings Wyman, Jr., Greg McBride, Anne Woodworth, Heddy Reid, and Katherine Young. Others who have attended the group include: Sharon Ambrose, Fan Ogilvie, Pramod Lad, Keith Yancy, Rosemary Winslow, Gina Sangster, Gray Jacobik, and Zara Raab.

In 1979 and again in 1995, the group published anthologies of members’ work, The Other Side of the Hill (1979), and The Other Side of the Hill: 1975-1995. The name Capitol Hill Poetry Group was chosen when the 1979 anthology was published, because, at that time, most of the members who hosted the meetings lived on or near the Hill. Most of the group’s members have published individual books of their own poems as well, and several have won national competitions.

written by Jean Nordhaus June 7, 2013

Beltway Poetry Quarterly: Gray Jacobik on the Capitol Hill Poetry Group, published Spring 2010:

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