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Ann B. Knox (January 31 1926 - May 2011) wrote three full-length poetry books and two chapbooks, as well as one book of short stories. She was the daughter of a playwright, and was encouraged to surround herself with literature. She graduated from Vassar College and earned her Master’s degree in education from Catholic University, then a Master’s degree in fine arts from what is now called Warren Wilson College. Her husband was in Foreign Service, so she and her family lived in places all over the world and she kept busy raising six children. She wrote poetry as a way of dealing with life’s ups and downs, but did not pursue writing professionally until she was in her 50’s. She wrote much of her work in a small cabin in Pennsylvania after her children became adults. Along with writing her own work, Knox taught writing seminars at venues such as The Writer’s Center in Bethesda, the University of the District of Columbia, John Hopkins University, and various conferences. She won many grants and awards from such organizations as the Atlantic Center for the Arts and the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts. Knox edited the Antietam Review literary journal for 18 years and held various positions at the Washington Writer’s Publishing House, where she was the editor of poetry when she died. Her poetry explored details of nature, and she also enjoyed writing about women’s experiences. Her full-length poetry collections were titled Breathing In (2011), Stonecrop (1988) and Staying is Nowhere (1996), her two poetry chapbooks were called Reading the Tao at Eighty (2008) and The Dark Edge (2004), and her book of short stories was titled Late Summer Break (1995). Katherine E. Young, "The Late Style of Ann Knox: An Appreciation," The Innisfree Poetry Journal, Issue 15: Beltway Poetry Quarterly, Volume 5:4, Fall 2004: DC Writers' Homes:

Written by Monica Root December 2013

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