20th Annual Poetry Extravaganza

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Theme: Bridging the Gap

Dr Martin Luther King Jr. is dear to my heart. This year's theme 20th Anniversary Poetry Extravaganza was "Bridging the GAP". Gracious Actions Prosper is my personalized GAP. Adopt your Gap and enjoy the ACTIONS you take towards keeping your Gap fulfilled. This WPFW Dr King Celebration represents filling the Gap between youth and elders. The youngest presenter was 10 years, the oldest 91 years young. When time permits listen to the 1st two hours and hear some of Poetry Extravaganza presenters, plus my Mentor and longtime friend of my #1 Fan, (my mother) Doris A. M. Thomas 1-17-25. 91 years young Writer, poet, Actress, Miss DC SENIOR 1992 Author, mother, Grandmother, Great Grandmother mentor to many including me. A Native of Washington, DC.

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